b. 1991, Joplin MO
Located in Southwest Missouri


V. Leigh Carr is a mixed-media artist and oil-pastelist living with her husband and daughter in a wooded corner of the Ozarks, just south of Joplin, Missouri.
Born into a family of professional creatives, she received an unconventional hands-on art education through 2012, leading to early success in local competitions. A diagnosis of Autism and a genetic disorder (Ehlers-Danlos) has shaped her perspective and led her to develop her interest further as a means of expression and healing.

V. Leigh typically works in series related in medium or subject matter. She draws from her dreams, her faith, and natural Ozarks surroundings, and is influenced in part by masters of light and contrast such as Bierstadt, as well as pioneers of surrealism such as Dali.


  • 2021 Spiva 3rd Thursday Artwalk , Joplin MO
  • 2021 Chaos Brewing Co., Joplin MO
  • 2021 Big Spring Gallery, Neosho MO
  • 2020 winner of Mary-Ellen-Pitts Memorial Pastel Award, Big Spring Gallery, Neosho MO
  • 2019 Thomas Hart-Benton Competition, Neosho MO
  • 2017 Joplin Greenhouse & Coffee Shop, Joplin MO
  • 2016 “Repurposed”, for “No Barren Land” event at RSVPaint, Joplin MO


  • 2021 Interview in print publication ‘Joplin Toad’, 2021 #2
  • 2020 November featured piece “Safe”, in digital publication ‘Loose Connections Magazine’.
  • 2019, feature article in print publication ‘the Joplin Globe’
  • 2019 feature article in digital publication ‘the Joplin Toad’, 2019 #4

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