painting of a swirl of magenta, cyan and yellow being pulled into a pipe and dripped out of a faucet, on a white background

© 2020-2022 V. Leigh Artworks

“Ersticken”, oil pastel-painted canvas and oil paint on board, framed, 27×51″, 2022
The first in a series exploring a theme of restrained potential.
Ersticken (meaning “stifle”) visualizes the result of the limitless potential of youthful imagination fed through conventional institution.
Cyan, magenta, yellow form the primary colors of childhood and the ingredients of color-making. Vibrational color pulses with energy, forming an illusory rainbow at a distance. The creative flow is forced into the colorless pipe and slowly drips out of the antique tap to be wasted in the drain below.

See how this piece was painted here.
This piece is currently displayed at Sky Gallery of Springfield, MO and is available for purchase.
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