Cried My Eyes Out II

Many of my works have specific meaning behind them– some are social commentaries, some are illustrations of possible worlds or realities, others are meant to encourage the viewer to appreciate something normally overlooked. This one…well, it’s a literal interpretation of a pun. Yes… that’s it.It begins with this piece I made in pencil in 2017,Continue reading “Cried My Eyes Out II”


With the arrival of Spring, has come the arrival of experimental new ideas to try out. My mind stretches out and warms up with the weather.This particular experiment begins with someone else’s artwork. To whomever painted this 4’x2′ monochromatic landscape some 50-60 years ago, thank you. It graced my bedroom for years as a teenager,Continue reading “Ersticken”

Waking Up

Since my last post, I’ve made several new pieces and shared them with the world. I’m particularly happy with this one, a combination of two of my favorite things…otherworldly themes and oil pastel. This one is an experiment in texture and lighting, a fun little throwback to some of my earlier fantasy work, and myContinue reading “Waking Up”


Is it my last piece of 2020, or my first of 2021? Starting in September, my latest oil pastel piece has kicked my butt, challenging every technical skill I’ve learned so far. It required the use of over 45 different pastels, multiple tools and untold hours of tweaking details. References included 142 photos of casementContinue reading ““Finally””

Autumn Fire

Over the Fall/Winter seasons, I spend a good deal of time cooped up indoors, with hectic holidays looming and an excess of craft supplies lying about. So I craft. My holiday-themed items are easy and quick to create, and selling them can be tremendously satisfying. Now, though…the craft fairs are done, I’ve had a niceContinue reading “Autumn Fire”

Forgotten Prince

My friends, I think I may have found my favorite medium.The smooth, blend-able glide of oil paint. But no fumes.The tactile fun of crayon. But richer, and reworkable.Vibrant, versatile and (mostly) affordable. I’ve noticed a wide range of benefits and very few drawbacks to working in oil pastel. The medium can be smudged, stippled, scratched,Continue reading “Forgotten Prince”