“There’s Daddy”

This one is close to my heart, and not just because it’s my first real attempt at portraiture–it’s a Father’s Day gift for my husband, the subject being our little girl. Portraiture is way out of my comfort zone, but I do enjoy a challenge. It began with the “what if I….” thought that theseContinue reading ““There’s Daddy””

Autumn Fire

Over the Fall/Winter seasons, I spend a good deal of time cooped up indoors, with hectic holidays looming and an excess of craft supplies lying about. So I craft. My holiday-themed items are easy and quick to create, and selling them can be tremendously satisfying. Now, though…the craft fairs are done, I’ve had a niceContinue reading “Autumn Fire”

Forgotten Prince

My friends, I think I may have found my favorite medium.The smooth, blend-able glide of oil paint. But no fumes.The tactile fun of crayon. But richer, and reworkable.Vibrant, versatile and (mostly) affordable. I’ve noticed a wide range of benefits and very few drawbacks to working in oil pastel. The medium can be smudged, stippled, scratched,Continue reading “Forgotten Prince”

100 mushrooms…and a coffee stain

Have you ever looked at a remarkable piece of artwork and wondered, “How did they do that?”I have. We don’t normally see the thought process, the mistakes, the interaction with the almost palpable creative energy during the creation of an art piece. Even making-of videos usually have the real learning moments, the “oopsies”, edited out.Continue reading “100 mushrooms…and a coffee stain”